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Making a dugout canoe

The major project for 2021 is the making of a dugout canoe. A few weeks ago a huge 6,5 meter long oak trunk was delivered at the Vlaardingen house. Over the summer volunteers of the Masamuda center will turn this trunk into a canoe with which we will explore the waters around Vlaardingen. A literature […]

Presenting our project on the Nationale Archeologiedagen

This past weekend the National Archaeology Days took place, with lots of archaeological activities and presentations across the Netherlands. Obviously an excellent occasion to draw attention to our new project and the various experiments we are conducting. The most important eye catcher was of course the experimental dugout canoe that we are starting to make […]

Demonstraties tijdens de Nationale Archeologiedagen:

Zaterdag 19 juni, 10-17 uur: werken aan de boomstamkano door vrijwilligers met Diederik Pomstra Zaterdag 19 juni 14-16 uur: vuurstenen bijlen gebruiken als kern om werktuigen van te maken (Diederik Pomstra en Lasse van den Dikkenberg) Zaterdag 19 juni, 10-17 uur: uitleg over het nieuwe Vlaardingen project, tonen van werktuigen uit de Vlaardingen periode, experimenten […]

New project at Masamuda Archaeological Educational Centre

In 2016 the first experimental structure at the Masamuda Archaeological Educational Centre (https://www.masamuda.nl)  in Vlaardingen near Rotterdam was built, a collaboration between Leiden University and Masamuda (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kVkIeMAB6cU&t=29s ). It was based on a house plan from the Late Neolithic Vlaardingen culture. Since then local volunteers have carried out different  activities around this structure and Leiden students and staff did scientific experiments on the terrain.

Now it is time to turn the page and move forward: the house has to be put to life!